Sunday, November 30, 2014

Easy Mug Rug Tutorial

As you may have gathered, over the last few years I have developed a great love of precuts. However I have also accumulated a great number of stray charm pack pieces from the projects that I have made with them. I have a tendency to leave a fabric out or pick up new packs to strengthen my stash. This causes a great stack of charms.

 The other day when I was giving my sewing room a quick once over, I decided that I needed some projects that would use up my charming little super stack of stash.  You know-so I can buy more!
I think I have a few hexie ideas waiting in the wings, but today I want to share a quick project that can be used for mass gifting—teachers, colleagues, neighbors, mail carrier, grab bags. . . . . .

I do not know where this pattern originated, but a dear friend showed me how to make these mug rugs years ago. I repeat this is not my pattern, but over time I tweaked it and made it one of my favorite go to gifts.  When Emily showed me how she made these, we used pieces that were 4.5 inches. I like them a little larger when finished so I upped them to 5 inches. Imagine my thrill when charm packs hit the fabric shops!

Easy Charm Pack Mug Rugs 

You will need:

  5 charms in coordinating fabrics
  • A 5 inch square of cotton batting
  • 4 pins
  • Iron and starch

I have made these on my sewing machine and with my serger. Both work great especially since the charms are already pinked!

  1. Select one fabric to be your bottom and lay it right side up on your bat.
  2. Fold remaining pieces in half diagonally right side out. Starch and press crisp. Let cool and dry to prevent stretching when turning right side out after sewing.
  3. Now here is the only tricky part. You have to carefully lay your folded pieces over the backing piece just right to achieve the four triangle look.

Now sew all four sides at ¼ inch seams and turn.

Fuss your corners and sides to square perfection and press.

Gift as a single rug or bundle into a set of coasters and tie with twine or a pretty ribbon! Charming easy gifts for any occasion.

Hope you enjoy making some as much as I do.

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