Monday, January 26, 2015

The Caroline and the Judy: EPP Shapes and Stitches Sew Along

Well, it seems that I am behind on my posting.  My humblest apologies.  My only excuse is some extensive dental work, a scan of the sinuses, and a few machine projects that needed some attention. Oh and let's not mention that day job!

Since our last encounter, a couple of good things have happened with my EPP project.  First I figured out a good container for portability that works for me.  I have seen all of these nice little tins with everything neatly packed and ready to go, but found that this is just too small for me.  I like to be able to take everything and find it easily.  So I found a neat food container in the plastics aisle at the closest superstore.  It works great; I love the divider, and the lid makes a great work space in the car.

The second great thing for me is that I decided to add red to my table runner.  I see two color creations all of the time and truly love them.  And, someday, I will make something great in only two colors.  However, this handwork was just begging me to add some color--so red it is!

Third, I decided to add another block from the book.  I started with the Caroline and have now added the Judy.  I love them both.   (Oddly enough, I had two friends in high school named Caroline and Judi.  Judi even has a daughter named Caroline.  Maybe that has something to do with it. We have been out of school longer than I care to reveal, but life's little coincidences make me smile.)

Finally, I have settled on a small table runner this time, but I am working on the next project in my head and really want to make the little quilt in the book, The New Hexagon.  I am thinking of a boyish look for my first grandchild, which is a boy expected to arrive this summer.

Happy piecing

P.S.  What is your best advice for the novice English Paper Piecer.  Leave your comment below.  Let's have a discussion.

P.S.S.  I recently finished this little quilt for a very sweet girl with whom I work.  Her adorable little boy has arrived and all is well.  We are all so very happy for Dawn and her hubby.