Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sew Along Update

Happy February all!  I am amazed at how quickly January flew by!  Today, I Just wanted to check in and show you how my EPP project is coming along.  I feel like I am really starting to find my comfort zone.  First, I settled on whip stitching the pieces together.  It seems to be my best choice at this point.  I also love the addition of red and am starting to think about a very bright, fussy, and more modern next project.  I love the little baby quilt in the back of my book, The New Hexagon, so I am using that as my inspiration as I finish this project and continue to work on machine pieced creations and my knitting. It's the project in the back of my mind.

Additionally, I have learned something about myself while working on this project.  I guess this is something that I have always known, but I never really admitted it until now.  I am impatient with the process at times.  I do not think that I have ever cut an entire quilt before starting to sew.  I have never made all of my blocks before I start putting the rows together, and it is rare that I buy the entire quilt at one time.  I almost always leave the backing until I have the top finished, or I wait to get the binding after I have seen the top quilted. I guess I just can't wait to see things coming together, or maybe it is that I just love the sewing better than the preparing.  Who knows, but EPP is making me very aware of my own habits and processes.  I am putting things together before I get the larger hexies pieced, and I am designing on the fly.  Typical Mary!

Hope your EPP project is coming along quickly and is giving you much joy!

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