Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Little Tense over the Tension!

Yesterday I started experiencing tension issues with my HQ Simply Sixteen.  So I danced right on over to YouTube! I watched several videos on thread tension, but these two were the most helpful for me: Taking the Stress Out of Tension and Adjusting Bobbin Tension.  Both have proven to be very informative.  Now my biggest issue is that once I get the tensions set and looking great, I still occasionally have bobbin thread blinking to the top. It isn't every stitch, just every little bit and usually in a loop or curve.  I know I can figure it out, it will just take time and practice, but in the mean time it is making me a little crazy. 

Despite the tension troubles, I have been having a lot of fun practicing.  I have found several remnants of backing width fabrics to load and use for my practicing.  I also went in to the local Ben Franklin's sidewalk sale and purchased some printed panels to use in my attempts as well.  They were all on the clearance table with an additional 50% off. Score!  The plan is to practice edge to edge motifs for a bit longer then "execute" them on the panels. Pardon the pun!  Some of the panels are seasonal. so I can take them to my classroom and hang them on the door.  The others can become table runners or something.

The stars are fairly easy, but spacing and figuring
"lyrics" are still in the works!  Down, up, over,
across, up. Now do the Loop de lou!
  I have also been cutting the practice pieces up to use later.  I inspect my work and find the sections that look the best.  Then I cut them into the largest pieces I can.  I am saving them to make potholders or bags or place mats, and such later.  This way I can toss the messes and admire the successes! I am finding this to be a good a way to use up my older stash as well.

In the mean time, I feel that I am conquering the STAR.


P.S.  Last night I returned to my comfort zone for some much needed relaxation--PATCHWORK!  That did the trick!

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