Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It Isn't Always about the Quilt

When my mother passed away, her sewing and doll-making friends were her honorary pall-bearers.  These women had been a great source of fun, friendship, and support for my mom over the years that they knew each other.  Betty, the fearless creative leader in the bunch, told me that there was a piece of  panel fabric with birds and butterflies that my mom had intended to use to make something very special.  Since I was the person that started the quilting bug in her group, she asked me to find that fabric and make something for someone special with it.  

I found it.  Not my usual fabric fare, but I understood what Betty was trying to get me to do.  She wanted me to make something out of it because Mom had loved it.  It needed a home with someone that would enjoy the birds and butterflies like Mom had.  So I put it in a drawer and thought about who should receive it for several months.  It truly became more about who it should be for than the quilt itself.  The panel did not speak to me like fabric should, but the situation did.  I needed to find the right recipient.

It took me a while to figure out what to do with it, but after a year or so, I finally decided its fate. I made this throw as a Christmas gift for my best role model and very special mother-in-law.  If I can be even half as wonderful as Leone, I will consider myself successful.  She has been a kind, caring, and supportive mother, professional grandmother, friend, teacher, and wonderful mother-in-law to each of us every moment that I have known her.  That, my friends, has been 30 years. She taught me how to make jelly, burn sugar, and fry fish in the kitchen, how to care for and identify flowers, birds, and bugs in the yard, and how to try and be more patient with everyone in life—something that is often very difficult for me but seemingly easy for her.  I always tell my sons that Grandma is my role model and hero, and I hope that I can be as good of a mother-in-law and grandmother as she has been when my turn comes. I also hope to be as active and agile as she is when I hit my 80s--inspirational for sure.   She is truly worthy of the title, Special Person, so that is why I made this special little throw for her.  She is just a super special lady that deserves the cozy warmth of a quilt.  I only hope that she feels like it is a hug from both me and my mom when she uses it.


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