Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Wristlet Pattern in the Making

Well the inspirational posters and content explanations are down, the books are put away, and my summer break is off and running. Me, on the other hand--I am still not quite into my summer groove and am moving at a slow jog. However, I have done a little bit of sewing amd creating in the past few weeks.

These wristlets are my own little creations.  I made four for graduation presents and a few more for little "love you" and "thank you" gifts.  I am working up a tutorial for this purse, but it will be a few weeks before I post it.  I am conducting a class on it at Material Girl Quilt Shop on June 27.

 My first sewing class--I am a little bit excited and very nervous.  It can't be much different than teaching grammar, can it?
These are the first few I made. This project is becoming a great stash buster for me. As I select the fabric combinations from my baskets and drawers, I find myself putting more and more pieces together and making more of them for my potential gift collection.

I love them, but I realized after they had been given to my graduates that they were a little small.  The cell phones many of us carry are much bigger than they used to be.  So, I have increased the width a little in order for it to be more useful.

I have also added some hardware to some, which makes them a little more versatile. I even made this one out of an old blouse.  It was fun because I love the idea of upcyling, and I may do some more of that along the way.  However, nothing is more fun to me than the fat quarter bin at a great quilt store. So, while I intend to continue to be eco-friendly. . .

This is the last wristlet I have made to date.  I think I finally have the basic pattern perfected, but watch out because I am really getting excited about all of the possibilities this little creation holds for my future.

Check back for the tutorial, or better yet, check out the class at Material Girl Quilt Shop and join us in person.


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