Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A New Toy for the Sewing Room--Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen on a 10' frame

So I really promised myself that I would start writing and sharing again this summer.  June was crazy for me as my husband and I took a car trip to Maine.  It was a wonderful trip with great seafood and amazing scenery. We had a great time and hated to come home, but family and jobs are here. So, we are too.   On the way home, we stopped to see our grandson and his parents who live a few blocks from a terrific quilt store, O Sew Personal.  My plan was to stop by and look at the Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen machine one more time.  Did that! Bought it!

The next day I ripped up carpet, polished the old wood floor, and moved my sewing room into a much bigger space. Today, Kelly and her assistant came to my house and installed my new machine.  I was so excited, I probably talked their legs off! Sorry ladies!

Once they finished and left, I fixed the Red Snappers and installed them then got to my first real practice session.  Here are the results.

I still need to move the closets around and do some organizing, but maybe I will get to that after a bathroom remodel and the new wears off the HQ! Practice! Practice! Practice!

Talk soon!

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