Monday, February 15, 2016

Lazy or Just a Much Needed Sewing Hiatus

I can not decide if I am getting lazy in my older age, or if I have just been giving myself a much needed break from my sewing and knitting habit.  However, since I am not really a fan of laziness or even the word lazy, I am going to say that is has been a much needed break from sewing, so I could develop my knitting skill, which is not quite up to par yet.  I have also been exercising most days with some fellow staff members and trying just keep up with life in general.  Time suckers for sure!  I must say though that I truly look forward to that workout everyday, and I am grateful to my partners in  health who have been there keeping me moving and motivating me ever step of the way.

As of the last few weeks, I can with all honesty say "I'm baaaack!"  Ideas have been haunting me at night and sewing has been happening in my little woman cave! I have made a few trips to my favorite quilt store, Material Girl Quilt Shop, and my inspiration is on the upswing.  I have not made anything too original that I can take credit for yet, but truly some fun sewing for my gift stash and some very important people is in the works. So this is what I have been up to lately.

Pinwheel quilt--I love the colors.  I used a charm pack from Moda--my favorite fabric brand--and the Missouri Star Quilt Company pinwheel shortcut!  I love the vibrant colors, and talk about a fast baby quilt!  I even tried something new--blocks on point.  I have been quilting for about 15 years and had never done a block on point!  Love it.

Mother's Work--I also finally finished my mother's quilt.  I realized that I am still hand quilting on a baby quilt top of hers, so it was okay to finish this one! Her work is still not finished in my heart, anyway!
That is all I can share today, but I can finally say that I am working on all sorts of things as of this past weekend, so be ready.  I have my stitchin' fever back, and soon I might even feel like I can show you some of my knitting projects!

Have a great week!

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