Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Where Did Summer Go?

I am a teacher, so every year about April I start making my list of things to make over the summer. This summer I had a very long list of sewing accomplishments to achieve, but honestly I think I deserve a C for my efforts.  I started off with a stitch, but ended up in a knot!  I wish I could say my dog ate my batting or something, but that is not the case.

In June I did a great deal of sewing and knitting for my new grandbaby, and taught a sweet young lady to sew through 4-H.  Since then I have been attending a conference, traveling back and forth to see the grandson, vacationing, and cleaning.  Now summer is over for me.  Frankly, I am sort of glad. Maybe I can get back in my routine and get to sewing and knitting again.  

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine and I took the day to go to Missouri Star Quilt Company and Sew Sweet Quilt Shop.  We had a great time, and great food at Poppy's Bakery and Kaitlynn's Deli.  We even found a terrific resale shop, Upriver, and truly came home inspired to get busy again. Here in the Midwest, we have so many little gems of our own to make this wonderful hobby--lifestyle--truly wonderful.  It was nice to make this trek
and rejuvenate with great company. Of course I still love my favorite little store, Material Girl Quilt Shop, closer to home, but these shops are fantastic too.

 So, last night after my workout to counteract all that great food,  I took a break from the world and made this little cuff bracelet to add to my jewelry collection--in about a week I will have to wear real clothes again! I thought this might add a little something to my accessories!

Hope you had a great stitching summer.

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