Saturday, November 1, 2014

This is War!

I very recently realized that I have been neglecting my writing here.  If you have been looking for something new, please forgive me.  I have been very busy getting "behinder and behinder." It is no surprise that I love fabric.  Every time I get a new supply, I tend to want to start a project immediately.  If I learn or see something I haven't done before, I want to try it and practice.  I think you might be getting the picture here.  I have lots of things started!

I have reached the point of mental shut down. It has become such a pile of unfinished this and thats in my sewing room that when I enter I do not know where to start.  When I go to my chair and look at the handwork projects there, I do the eeny, meeny, miny, Mo, and often find myself swapping out projects because Mo picked the wrong thing!  At this time, I am sewing and knitting some of my Christmas gifts, making pillowcases for a great local cause, working on my first t-shirt quilt for a friend, designing a couple future gifts, and of course keeping up with my day job, so I can afford to  keep up my fabric snobbery.  Consequently, my head spins every time I enter my sewing room, and I have to make some choices about what to do first.

I think it is time I declare war!  I think the best wartime strategy at this time is a priority list.  So here goes!

  1. Finish pillowcases.
  2. Attach binding to a quilt.
  3. Pin and quilt t-shirt quilt.
  4. Finish current knitting projects.
  5. Clean and reorganize the sewing room, so I can find the things I have started that will be left to do after this list is accomplished.
  6. Make a new list.
  7. Start again.
I have much more to do, but I feel like I might be more apt to get any of these things conquered with short term goals.  So just as soon as I sign off here,  I will tidy up the perimeter and the priority list in focus.  Once I have these things done, I will develop an new plan of attack....well that is if I am successful with this one and manage to reclaim my sewing space!

Before I go, I want to show you some of what I have been up to.  I can't show too much since most are gifts, but who wants to look at a sewing blog with no pictures?

The war is on!

 Bear Creek Designs, Pumpkin Mania!
Easy pattern for great impact.  I made several but gave them away.  Maybe I can find time to make a few for myself!

The knitted piece is a beautiful lavender alpaca blend from Bernat.  I did the stockinette stitch for five rows then a purl 2 together yarn over row to get the pattern.  I was just playing around looking for an idea, and this seemed to work out lovely.  I got lucky!

The wreath was a quick throw together between things simply because I needed to feel like I was getting in the swing of fall.  Don't you just love what can be done with burlap.  I am sure my grandma would not be too impressed since her understanding and use of burlap was much different, but I like it.

Shhh! Not saying anything more than I have found a fantastic long arm quilter, and I am grateful.

And finally, the t-shirt quilt.  It is ready for pinning.  I only hope I can muscle it around easily enough to get it quilted before the "enemy" retaliates with more ideas!

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