Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 2--Learning to free motion quilt on my HQ Simply Sixteen:

Well I must say that my second day proved to be a good day of learning.

Three things I learned today:  1. It pays to "doodle" the designs for a while first!  2. Relax, the word "free" means many things go. 3. It is just PRACTICE at this point.

I have been doodling easy designs I have seen for some time now.  These are some of the motifs I am trying to accomplish first. I believe that when the experts say doodle and practice the motifs, they are correct!  The ones I can make look decent on paper, look better on fabric for me even this early in the game.

 Like many quilters I know, free motioning on my standard machine makes me a nervous wreck.  I want to control every stitch.  Tonight I looked at some examples of good free motion designs up close--amazing what increasing a screen to 250 or more can do!  So I have decided to relax a little and let it be a "free" activity for me.  Not every stitch can be in the perfect spot--just most of them.

And, practice makes perfect. No one is perfect without practice.  So I will move on to Day 3 with a positive attitude and happy happy thoughts.

Stay relaxed and positive!
Feeling good about meanders!

Pretty proud of this little leaf!  Been doodling
leaves my whole life!

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