Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Success! First Block of my EPP Stitches and Shapes Sew Along

Here it is! This is my very first EPP hexie block.  I think I like it.

"Caroline" from The New Hexagon by Katja Marek.

A couple of things that have worked for me:
  1. Pressing is important for me.  Before I attach one piece to the other, I press the prepared pieces.  I just feel that this helps me get my corners crisper and makes aligning the pieces for sewing a little easier.
  2. Using glue.  I put a tiny little spot of glue on the paper template and hold it tightly to the fabric before I start folding it down and basting.  This helps me with positioning the fabric and prevents slipping as I baste.  I truly am "All About the Baste," but this little dot of sticky makes all the difference.
  3. Cutting Fabric.  I am finding that the more carefully I cut my fabrics, the nicer my backs look.  I know that may not matter to some, but I find it is like embroidery for me--the back should be almost as neat as the front, or I cannot consider myself "good" at it.
Issues that have come up for me:
  1. Portability.  Everything I read suggests that one of the perks of being an English paper "piecer" is that it is portable and can go anywhere.  I see the possibilities here, but for some reason I cannot get an organized system together.  My first attempts have just been too "fumbly."
  2. Whip Stitch or Ladder Stitch? I am trying to perfect my ladder stitch, but find that I often revert to the whip stitch or something new and unique that is something akin to both.  Not that this is a big issue if the front looks good, but the ideas of process and perfection seem to be important to me.  Can anyone say "vanity?"
Ladder stitch

New Goals
  1. Complete block two and play with placement.
  2. Try to perfect the ladder stitch.
  3. Find a way to contain my accouterments for portability. 
All in all I am pretty proud of my first block. I am interested what you have going on in your EPP project.  Are you setting goals?  Are you experiencing difficulties or successes you can share? Leave me your comments and suggestions.  Come sew along with Meredith and me!


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