Friday, February 7, 2014

Knit Me a Cable and I Am Hooked

I love a beautiful cable knit sweater.  I am so glad to see them coming back into favor. As a novice knitter, I have become obsessed with learning how to make a cable knit. Like my mother, I have a tendency to dive right into something long before I have perfected each of the baby steps needed to gain expertise.  So, I found a video and some websites, grabbed some yarn and needles, and plunged head first into the process of knitting a cable.*
This is my finished product.  As you can see, it is certainly not perfect, but I cannot even express how satisfying it was to master those little twists in the knitted fabric. When I figured out how simply the actual twist can be produced, I actually did the little V8 head bump.  Then I showed my husband at least 4 times and explained over and over again how impressed I was with myself for figuring it out.  A victory dance and fresh soda on ice rounded out my celebration.  

Since that particular Sunday afternoon, I have created two more cabled knits.  I found a great pattern for cup cozies that has required me to learn how to increase stitches in two different ways, decrease stitches, practice the cable process, and read patterns better.  I can't wait to show you!


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