Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Palace for a Fabric Snob

One of my favorite past times is shopping for fabric. I love to stand among the bolts, fat quarters, and tiny little treasures of a good fabric store and soak up the colors, feel the yardages, and experience the essence of the threads. Sounds pretty fantastical, I know, but it is true. I can truly spend hours just experiencing the atmosphere created by rows or shelves of gorgeous fabrics.

When I first started quilting and sewing for fun, I would research our family vacation destinations to see how many quilt stores I could locate in the desired area or along the way. If I could find at least one store that looked promising, I would add that particular destination to the “possibilities” column. Consequently, I have been in wonderful quilt stores in Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, and of course Missouri. That was when my children were young and week-long car trips to somewhere rapidly became stressful for all four of us. The perfect cure for this stress was a swimming pool, go carts, and despite the protests a very long tour of a quilt store for me. I think my kids really thought it was more about revenge than stress reduction, but only I know the real truth on that one.

Today my sons are grown and most of our vacations consist of me, my husband, and some kind of bike trail. They are typically pretty relaxing, and fabric shopping is encouraged. However, I no longer pick destinations based on the number of fabric stores I will encounter. I think that has something to do with my finding a more local shop that satisfies my fabric addiction, provides creative support, and makes me feel like a cherished family member every time I cross the threshold.

I plan my trips to Material Girl Quilt Shop whenever I need fabric, or a mood boost.  Even if I am not in the market for that perfect fabric to begin or complete a project, I benefit so much from simply entering this little shop and basking in the positive atmosphere. Meredith, the owner, has a friendly manner and creative eye that will put even the most novice quilter at ease. Her modern fabric selection is supported with just the right combination of classic prints and beautiful solids, and the ideas and samples dancing on the walls turn the small iconic building into a quilter’s palace.  Throw in some wonderful conversation, a friendly and very talented community of sewists, and the staff, which includes her vivacious mom and two delightful aunts and you have a family that always makes you feel at home.

So Meredith, my family thanks you for providing me with sewing supplies and total stress relief.  As for me, I thank you for just being you and continuing to allow me to come in your shop and soak up the essence of the threads.  


P.S. You can find this shop online here.  Drop by and check it out.

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