Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ain't She a Beaut?

For a while now I have been thinking that I wanted a new machine.  The machine I have been sewing on for about 10 years is okay.  It works, has several stitch options, and serves its purpose well; however, when the new machine fever sets in, it is almost impossible to break it. So like any good shopper, I set out on a mission to research the latest models of the popular quilting machine brands.  I haunted websites and sewing magazines, and discussed brands with a very knowledgeable friend trying to find the perfect machine for my needs. I tried to develop a list of all the bells and whistles that I deemed necessary.  In the end I had no list, not much satisfaction, and still had numerous questions.

So what is a girl to do?  I got off the couch and went to actual stores.  This is such a novel idea in today's world.  You can do all of your shopping and decision-making about major and minor purchases in the comforts of your own domain.  However, I came to the conclusion that like buying a car, buying a new sewing machine deserves a real test drive. So I made the one hour trek to the real sewing mecca of my area with the intention of trying three major brands-Husqvarna-Viking, Pfaff, and Babylock. If I couldn't find the perfect machine for my needs within one of those major brands then I really didn't need a new one. Right?

The first store I entered carried Pfaff.  I found one tagged Quilt Expression 4.2 and began asking questions. The name just said it all.  Eventually the sales person suggested that I sit down and try the machine.  It had everything I could ever want in a machine--well, at least for right now! Plus, the stitches were perfect, and it was smooth.

The next stop was a Husqvarna-Viking dealer.  Again I found a great looking machine and a knowledgeable salesperson.  I asked my questions, test drove the machine, and felt that this too was great machine.  It was not quite as smooth as the Pfaff, but it did have all the bells and whistles any quilter could want.

By this time I was too late to shop the next brand, so decided that I could come back another day.  I had time, right?  My machine still works very well, so no hurry.

Now here is the problem.  I just could not get my mind off the Pfaff.  Sitting at that machine just felt like I was home.  I tried to convince myself that I really could not make that decision with such a short test drive. But you know what? I did.  I simply felt at home sitting at that Pfaff machine right there in the store with people milling around, the salesperson talking, and my husband patiently waiting in the strategically placed armchair. None of that was distracting.  I just wanted to sew. It felt like that dress or pair of shoes that fits perfectly, or that car that makes you feel like Danica Patrick. "Just gotta have it!"

So here she is straight from Satin Stitches.

Isn't she lovely?  If you look closely, you can see all of her lovely stitches and her very long throat, which is perfectly designed for machine quilting. 

I am not going to lie to you.  I truly picked this machine because I fell in love, but the purchase package and sales people at Satin Stitches really sweetened the deal. If you are interested in a new machine and think a Pfaff might just suit your needs, you might want to head on over to and see if Satin Stitches might make your machine shopping an enjoyable experience.  I know they did mine.


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