Saturday, June 21, 2014

Buttons--Old or New--I Love Them

I have recently started spending a good deal of my fabric and notions shopping time looking at buttons. Buttons are such an easy way to embellish anything.  Plus I find it very entertaining to attempt to forsee my embellishment needs and buy ahead.  Sounds good, doesn't it? Really, I just like to look at pretty things and right now my interest seems to be in buttons.  They make me happy.

The other day my mother-in-law asked me where I find all of my buttons for my bags and other creations.  We talked about the clearance bins at my local Ben Franklin, the button walls at other chain stores, and some that I have found in a yarn shop and at Satin Stitches and Material Girl Quilt Shop. After a bit, she disappeared and returned with a jar of vintage buttons--mine for the taking! 

While I looked through them, we talked about how the Great Depression survivors would cut the buttons off garments to save for the next one or ripped the zipper out of others to save as well.  It was fun to talk about, but the real fun for me was sifting through the buttons and wondering what I could do with them. It also reminded me of my fairly new goal to start upcycling.  I think I have a bag of old sweaters that might have some interesting buttons that need saving. 

 I only took a small bag full of these little treasures this time, but I cannot wait to look through them again.  
Aren't they nifty!

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