Thursday, July 3, 2014

Christmas When?

Katy Trail near the highest point at 955 feet
 above sea level.
Hard to sew much while pedaling a bicycle, but boy did I come up with some new ideas, new plans, new haunts, and new aches and pains along the trail! We just got back from a mini vacation on the Katy Trail. We rode 57 miles in two days.  Not too bad for a couple that has reached the top of the proverbial hill!

While I pedaled along, I let my mind wheelie back to my sewing room.  I have a couple projects that need finishing and an idea for a new lunch kit for the coming school year.  I also decided to have Christmas in July. I have heard about families having their family Christmas gatherings in July, but that is not exactly what I mean.  I am always scrambling to complete gifts and decor items at the last moment before the festivities begin.  I have been known to make gifts the night before Christmas. . . .Well this year I came up with some clever ideas for gifts for two of my favorite people, many of my friends, and maybe a few new decor items and such for my house, so I am declaring Christmas in July--machine on!
Christmas surprises in waiting!

Since I have all of these plans for creating, my dear sweet Husband decided to take little extra time coming home from the trail, so I could go to a quilt shop I had heard about--Sew Sweet Quilt Shop.  It is a delightful shop with just about anything you could want as a quilter. This shop and the little town where it resides is definitely worth the trip.  I found a few fabric treasures, and we found a great deli for lunch.  Kaitlynn's Deli & Ice Cream Shop certainly sweetened the stop.
Lunch at Kaitlynn's!  Strawberry, spinach salad with poppy seed
dressing and feta. YUM!

Well it is July; I hear the jingle bells in the distance. . .

Hope everyone has a great 4th!


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