Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shop What?

A shop hop?  What on earth is a shop hop? Well in the world of an English teacher, a shop hop is a "Hink Pink" or rhyming pair that stands for something else. A puzzle. A critical-thinking puzzle. For example a successful meeting might be a great date.  In the world of quilters, a shop hop is a tour of several participating shops or a quilter's dream shopping trip. Actual shop hops offer a variety of give aways and multiple opportunities for savings and winnings.

As a teacher I have played hink pinks many times, but unfortunately, as a quilter I have never taken the time to complete an entire hop.  Well, that sad situation is about to change.  Starting July 10, four of the shops in my general area are hosting their annual shop hop.  I am so excited.  A very dear friend has committed the whole day to joining me for a hopping fun time--pardon the pun! I bought our passports today and recieved great complimentary shopping bags to take with us!  We are set.

I do not promise to hop at all during the day, but make no mistake, I might be dancing when we finish. I do promise to post a picture or two of all my great bargains and wonderful finds or FAB NABS when I finish!

Sorry, could not help myself!


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