Sunday, July 27, 2014

What Is Your Favorite Color?

Remember being a kid and discussing your favorite color as if it were the most important thing in the world? What about the first time you got a box of crayons with more than 8 colors in it?  I almost didn't want to use any of them.  I was always afraid I might not get another set or a bigger set for a long time, so I would open the box and look at them and just read the color names--magenta, fern, orchid. . .

Many years ago in another life, I was a hairdresser.  I remember going to professional development seminars where we discussed color.  Are you a spring? Is the client a winter?  What color should you use on a summer? What color eye shadow looks best on an autumn?  And so on and so on! The problem was that I always loved every eyeshadow, lipstick, and hair color.  I still have that problem! I can stand in the makeup aisles forever, and I have a terrible time selecting colors for my wardrobe because I love them all. Consequently, I wear a lot of black.

Today, when I am preparing to return to school, I purchase a few new bulletin board and wall decorations for my classroom.  I change colors up, add new colors, or rejuvenate some old colors.  I purchase fresh highlighters to share with my students and find myself thinking about which color is going to be the favorite this year.  I know I should buy them in all one color to save the mad dash to get the (insert color) first,  but I refuse. I love color!

I spend a lot of time in quilt stores talking to quilters, listening to other shoppers, and perusing the blogs and websites of other quilters.  I hear many people talking about their favorite colorways and admitting to disliking certain colors.  I read blogs where someone might write about stepping out of his/her color palette to try something new, or about swapping one fabric for another because of color preferences.

So here is my essential question.  Do you have a favorite quilt palette? If so, what is it?  Leave me a comment and let's discuss the colors of the world!


P.S.  I am not sure I have a palette or even a favorite color, but if it has color, I can usually find something positive to say about it.  And this is my current box of crayons!

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